3 ways to make your home attractive to buyers (that have nothing to do with staging and curb appeal)

Countrywide Realty
Countrywide Realty
Published on November 30, 2023

What is the number one fear of most homebuyers? That the home they have fallen in love with is a “lemon,” and that there will be future issues that will cost the buyer a fortune.

Sure, a professional home inspection can alleviate many of these nagging doubts, but there are other things a seller can do to induce confidence in homebuyers. Things that your competition is most likely not offering.

1. Check your warranties

Have you had any work done to the home? Whether it was replacing a water heater or HVAC system to installing irrigation in the backyard, you hopefully have a warranty or two for the work performed.

Read over the terms of the warranties, looking carefully for whether or not any of them are transferable. “When allowed, warranty transfers are subject to the manufacturer’s terms and conditions so be sure to review the warranty for this important information,” cautions Annie Crawford at GAF.com.

Transferable warranties, especially on pricey items, such as HVAC systems and swimming pools, are a confidence booster for homebuyers, and an excellent marketing tool.

2. Gather renovation records and receipts

Not only do homebuyers love improvements to a home, appraisers do too. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to have on hand, for both parties, receipts and records of any renovations performed on the home.

Offer to make copies so that the buyer knows which contractor to call if service or repairs are ever required.

3. How old is that …?

Savvy homebuyers will ask their real estate agent to find out the age of the pricier systems in a home. These include the HVAC system, roof, electrical system and water heater, among others.

If you’ve had routine service performed on any system in the home (especially the HVAC system), dig out the records to prove this. It’s valuable information for both your bottom line in the home sale and for the buyer’s confidence in the home.

Take these three steps to make your home more attractive to buyers and watch the offers roll in.


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